Moving Services Vancouver

ABC New Move Ltd. is full service Vancouver moving company offering cost-effective moving services in Vancouver and surrounding areas for you, your family or business.

    Here are some reasons why you should use our service!

  • ABC New Move provides moving service for houses and apartments
  • ABC New Move staff are experienced, polite professionals following the Work BC safety procedure
  • ABC New Move provides commercial and office moving services
  • ABC New Move operates fully equipped moving trucks
  • ABC New Move provides last minute moving 24/7
  • ABC New Move offers highly competitive moving rates
  • ABC New Move offers free moving estimates

We make moving an exciting event that’s hassle free!

If you find yourself asking:

  • How can I book my moving service?
  • When should I book my moving service arrangement?
  • What should I do in advance before the day of the move?
  • How much will my move cost?
  • How can I wrap my belongings to ensure safe transportation?

  • You just need to call or text at 604.727.2210 and our moving adviser will assist you.

    ABC New Move can assist you with any issues related to your relocation.

    Entrust your move to professionals from ABC New Move Ltd, we’re here to help!